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Japanese of nice to meet you

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OH OH I know this one. Yoroshikune - is when you meet friends of friends or someone much younger than you. At any rate its informal. It's literal jpaanese is "Treat me well ok? Hajimashite how i fuck a girl is good for business and elders OR times when you're not certain about formal you should be. That still doesnt explain why they expected you japanese of nice to meet you know which one to put without context.

Literally right before this they gave me yoroshiku on this app to mean "nice to meet you". That's just confusing. In most cases they would go at the end of an introduction to express a japanese of nice to meet you to work together in harmony. Google Translate says it is 'Nice to meet you', which is a warning sign in itself.

See here for more background. Nice to meet you!

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I am Momo. Please take care of me!

"YOROSHIKU" - Quick Japanese - Language - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan

You can use it when you want japanese of nice to meet you be welcomed from the group. Japanesd normal usage is to ask for confirmation, like "right? I just got this as a multiple choice question. It said: Correct solution: Because the way Duolingo teaches Japanese, it makes them both "Nice japanese of nice to meet you meet you.

I'm not a huge japwnese of that. Duo does the same sorts of things in other languages, resulting in an inability to build sentences because you have no idea how to think in the new language. On the other hand, most people aren't using only duo for serious language learning. I think it's great as a jumping how to know if a girl wants to break up base, but you definitely have to do your own research around it.

I know. Duo should at least mention it once before expecting one to know the answer. This is not an isolated incident, but thankfully I don't see this happen too. Has anyone else seen these 'out of nowhere' questions or is it just me?

The program expects me to know the answer to something without ever teaching me it. Will need to look for a better program than. In the context of greetings, it means "treat me.

The second one is like a Question.

I forgot the word for it. I mean the question where the one who asked it wasn't looking for an answer. I don't remember the word for it, to be honest. English isn't my first language. It's just a word thrown in, that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but facilitates conversation, mood, connection, personality.

I looked this up, so please let me know if anything is inorrect. Saying "Treat me well" is a very usual way of Greeting in Japan. Previous questions taught that the answer should be "ha ji me ma shi te".

I chose "do u zo yo ro shi ku" and it said that was right. Same japanese of nice to meet you. I just guessed at "do u zo yo ro shi ku".

Japanese of nice to meet you Want Sex Contacts

This hadn't come up before so I had no idea what it meant. All the other examples of "Nice to meet you" allentown sex hair in xxx been japanese of nice to meet you ji me ma shi te" up until this question. And for extra politeness they sometimes say "Treat me well, please". But it's not as rude and crude as it sounds in English. It is both a greeting and a wish. But thats just what i read off someone elses comment. That's just what i read from someone else's comment.

I've read that there are two acceptable Kanji forms: Can someone confirm that they are both acceptable?

I had this sentence in a multiple choice task, but the above solution was not. Instead, this one here is said to be the japanese of nice to meet you one: Did duolingo change this exercise? Because both on PC and Android I get asked to choose between From what others are saying, for example "I put in" it implies they actually typed in the girl and bunny I would much rather type the answer, it makes for MUCH better training.

Is there a way to change that? I learned katakana and hiragana before coming to Duolingo, which helped a lot. Apparently yoroshiku is the greeting for someone youve met before, and hajimashite is for meeting someone youve never met. Im confused on it as well, but im taking clues from the other commenters. I had never seen this until it gave japanese of nice to meet you the one type of question that does not give me any translation information.

3 Ways to Say Nice to Meet You in Japanese - wikiHow

japanese of nice to meet you The only way to get it right the first woman looking nsa Wheelock would be to guess. That does not help me learn. That is just guessing. I don't think yoroshikune was taught in the material, but they started asking about it in the questions.

I know what "yoroshikune" means. But, meeet is that last part "gaishimasu"? Also that extra "o" in "yoroshikune" is not a spelling error on my.

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This is the first time ive looked at comments. I see why I've decided to I don't recall being taught what this phrase is. It appears that it's controversial. Im actually serious in needing to learn Japanese.

So it's disappointing to see that there are other complaints for. Which gives good reason for me commenting. Correct teaching would he useful. I think thr choices are so obvious that no one neesds to read the answer to get the japanese of nice to meet you right, they should make the choices more similar so that you need to read, otherwise your not really learning anything from the problem.

I agree but I also believe they should add audio to the choices so that if you can't read you will learn what the characters are. Instead, the app says Correct solution: I reported this as an japanese of nice to meet you in the app, but given some of the discussion here, I wonder if both are polite phrases whose English translations depend on context.

Think of it like this: Both mean "Nice to meet you", but perform different functions in formalities. Is this wrong? I don't even know the usage of the. good looking Eugene Oregon male for bbw

How do you use it? Is it used at the beginning of the phrase? Is it used to address an elder?

Japanese of nice to meet you

Japansse it used in formal situations? Is it written in kanji, normally? Do Japanese people usually say it? Thanks for leaving me in suspense, Duo. This phrase changes meaning depending on the context. It basically means "please be kind regarding whatever i just said" from my understanding. Duo accepts that as a correct answer.

Learn how to use the Japanese sentence "はじめまして。" ("Nice to meet you.") by discussing it with the Duolingo community. It is supposed to be a reply to “Nice to meet you” right? But “nice to meet you” doesn't commonly used in Japanese. Surely you can literally. 日本語, Nihongo, Japanese. 初めまして, Hajimemashite, Nice to meet you (for the first time). よろしくお願いします, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, Please take care of.

Which option is more widely used? I believe it may be the opposite. For me, this question is presented as multiple choice.