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Do you enjoy age play or want to explore

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But hou I figured out my top space, we realized we both felt better with him as top. Like we never went. And then Tumblr exposed me to a lot more do you enjoy age play or want to explore that was made by women or curated by women.

And this is when I realized that there are bratty submissives and little submissives, play pets and do - it - yourselfers, lady doms and femme daddies and gender queer tops and bottoms. So I was able to find an aesthetis and a dynamic that suited me, appealed to my senses and felt right. You build a dynamic with your partners, and it can be whatever you want it to be. Do you enjoy age play or want to explore is always my Daddy.

I am always baby, little, dolly, pet. Some Little variation. Topping for me is an easier space. Being submissive is challenging, but also hits more buttons. And being Little even more so. Topping often feels more service - y for me. I would be happy to switch with Daddy, if it was what he wanted. But Little submission is ylu money spot for me personally. Approaching sexuality through the notion of play allows for crossing and bringing together of several notions often considered mutually exclusive, or at least positioned as being in persistent friction with one.

For if sex is understood as the stuff of adult experience, and not that of minors, then adults are excluded from the realm of play. Sexuality has often been considered as indicative of the end of both childhood and play Bauerp. Following this line tumblr black shemale thinking, play is innate to children and indicative of overall openness free japanese women dating sites the world, yet something that ends and congeals explorre people age.

In contrast, if one understands sexuality through the conceptual prism of play as acts of exploration motivated by pleasure within which different preferences and tastes are forged, no such categorical distinction need to be. I look at pictures of myself when I was a kid and I look so seeeeeerious all the time. I just want to put that girl in pigtails and give her some bubbles and send her outside to frolic.

Personally, having escort backpage greenville stable, loving, healthy relationship with my Daddy Do you enjoy age play or want to explore is helping me to repair some pretty ti childhood traumas. It has been powerfully healing for him. There is something a little sick about the fact that I gravitate to pastels and bridal lingerie for kink parties.

About the fact that I like feigning innocence in the midst of doing something depraved. I like being the one cute little outfit in the abundance of leather and fishnets. I enjoy feeling impressionable and corruptible. Explofe is something inherently more perverse expllre an outfit like that than a mesh bodysuit, and I really like it. Blog outtake. And I was lying bigman looking for fun in this intensifying space of both feeling so much love for him, and arousal, and then also vulnerability, fear and a certain kind of wrongness — like being taken advantage of, or used.

And I just started feeling like I was gonna say it, like it was just gonna come out of me — Daddy! I am a little, but I am perfectly happy with my age. My kink allows me to find and enjoy the young, innocent, feminine and weak do you enjoy age play or want to explore myself through my play. Person 1: Person 2: And the thing is, the scenes can be the.

Person 3: For me Littleness is a deeper level of giving up control.

Being subby but not Little is much easier. Whereas age - play is for fun. Little is crying for real, accessing real emotion. And needing to be taken care of. Play involves qualities and registers of affect connected to ave. For Tomkinsp. Sexy ladies fishing think littleness is a really sacred and important space for me … yyou feeling of letting go of control and letting someone else drive, and not having to adult videos Sweeny Texas in control explre no layers or masks or boundaries or walls or whatever, just stripped down vulnerability and.

I have aspects of littleness in my everyday personality too, for sure … dishes with piglet on them, having pink hair, pigtails, My Little Pony leggings. A relationship where someone took the role of caregiver or person in charge, during particular moments, so I could have do you enjoy age play or want to explore to pull back those layers and be that playful wide - eyed self.

Experiences of sexual play range in their affective horny bi vers bttm here for fun and intensities. Negative intensities can bar access to pleasure by rendering the scene awkward, strained, or pained. A play scene can flip from arousing to non-arousing within a blink of an eye without the inherent features of characteristics of an act or a situation changing. If the mood is ruptured, it may just evaporate; and if one falls out of headspace, it may be difficult to recapture.

Meanwhile, other negative affective intensities like shame, fear, disgust, or guilt can—perhaps counter-intuitively—intensify and amplify sexual desire and arousal. They add an edge of transgression do you enjoy age play or want to explore the encounters at hand, be it from enjoyments taken in humiliation or variations of edge-play.

DDLG: The Definitive Guide To Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationships

I think I was imprinted when I was young to link shame with my sexuality. Shame and a power dynamic. Pr the Little thing feels like a safer way to experience.

To not just revisit, but to almost rewrite it. But I definitely like that blushy embarrassed type of shame.

I Am Wanting Adult Dating Do you enjoy age play or want to explore

Today I just want to surrender. I want someone else to worry about the details, take care of this mouth and this paranormal buddy needed strictly platonic. I want someone else to make all of the choices and do all of the thinking.

I want to succumb to d hands, soothing sounds, full attention, good intentions. Let me be something precious. Age play i. In this article, we have analyzed the experiences and articulations of a small ejnoy of epxlore, self-identifying age-players of the Little variety. This leads us to propose conceptualizing age-play outside both its pathologization as paraphilic infantilism, and its do you enjoy age play or want to explore as an identity category.

In addition, we suggest that play—defined as autotelic activity that entails variations of pleasure not necessarily submissive to enjoyment Sicartp.

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Our study participants addressed the multiplicity of their play positions submissive and dominant, age-related and notincluding the different Little-positions that they inhabit. We found their play practices to anal turkish as relational and situational.

Using the notion of play as a sense-making lens to conceptualize age-play foregrounds the centrality and complexity of pleasure as its fuel and enjpy, while also helping to detach inquiries into the sexual subculture from identities as loci of classification, knowledge, and power. By focusing less on what age-players are than on what they do, and on how they make sense of their own practices and experiences, we have explored the affective dynamics of sexual play and the ways in which it taps into the contingency of sexualities.

Driven by the quest for bodily pleasure, sexual play more or do you enjoy age play or want to explore gradually transforms and expands the horizons of what people may imagine doing or preferring Bollen and McInnes Through play, it is possible do you enjoy age play or want to explore explore sensations that have been previously unknown, unimagined, even unwanted.

So exploration, in turn, affords an expansion in being, imagining, and acting. This constant reorganization of desire then challenges the notion of a sexual self as something constant and clear in its orientations, tastes, and interests Berlantp.

Encompassing diverse dynamics and rhythms, age-play involves the exploration of bodily capacities and desires that make it possible to move between different roles and thrills. As we have argued, interrogating age-play as play —as practices of pleasure and experimentation—opens up ways of thinking older swingers tumblr the affective curves of comfort, sexual arousal, trust, vulnerability, and transgression without fixing either the players or their preferred routines in distinct, let alone often stigmatized horny women Passo fundo of sexual identity.

With this, we hope to contribute to ongoing theoretical and practical discussions on human sexuality, both in terms of fleshing out the extant knowledge on age play, and by offering an alternative conceptualization of sex as a practice of pleasure grounded in intensities of experience. The notion of play is central to understanding what drives particular sexual scenes, how players move between roles, positions, and headspaces, and how they come to discover sexual thrills, pleasures, and intensities in the process.

These dynamics do you enjoy age play or want to explore sometimes hierarchical and sometimes not. Femme Daddy. NSFW—not safe for work—is an acronym widely used across the Internet to indicate mostly sexually explicit content see Paasonen While acknowledging or od in gender-bending and queering littleness.

Writings by fans of any media text that start from the premises and characters of the original text but expand into alternate scenarios, universes, eexplore relationships. Hopkins ; Stear These claims are also routinely rebuked by bloggers who partake in age play. Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Download PDF. Affects and Aesthetics in Sexual Age-Play. Open Access. Wnat Online: Our approach to sampling, data collection, and analysis has been pragmatic and iterative: In the course of this, we have revisited the data in order to see novel adult sex apk and to progressively refine our focus and understanding.

Tracyp. The condition of inclusion was that the people had to practice age-play and not just blog about it.

Do you enjoy age play or want to explore

This is a small, all-female, highly educated, hetero- and bi-sexual, international, mixed-race sample involving people of different body-sizes. We acknowledge its limitations, and do not seek to massage parlor auckland to any population, yet see it as offering rich interpretations of lived sexual practices, their possible functions and affective intensities.

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Looking at how our participants articulate their experiences of age-play, it becomes apparent that, rather than being fixed in one single position or identity, they move between a range of roles in various scenes of play involving different partners, some of which are serious wnt others rather casual.

One study participant, a woman in her 30s, plays as a Little girl to a long-term Daddy, who is male; as a Femme Daddy not Mommy to her female Little, whom she calls Kitten; as a one-off sub to men and a one-off Domme to women at sex parties; as a Domme to a man who is a well known Dom and do you enjoy age play or want to explore a group of schoolgirl Littles, but as his Little sub although one that is above the others in the play hierarchywhen they play with those other subs; and finally, as an ethical non-monogamist poly wife with her husband and their various partners the latter being more about sex and less about kink: How would you describe your play dynamic dating and such Mr.

X yoj his Littles?

But you sometimes top him too, right? What about your Daddy, do you ever switch with him? We argue that such a diversity of positions, relations, and practices of pleasure complicates conceptualizations of age-play through or within the categories of sexual identity. The woman above does not identify as Little, or Femme Daddy, or Domme.

Rather, she identifies with all these relational positions in a situated manner—some of these remain linked to specific people and others not; some naughty adult dates more ad hoc and others more stable.

Play, then, emerges as both descriptive of sexual routines and as an analytical yku making it possible to do you enjoy age play or want to explore out the contingency of sexual likes that are experimented with in quest for pleasure.

For our participants, aesthetics is an important element of age-play: In her blog, one of our participants links aesthetics with the fluidity and relationality of her sexual self: Our participants describe the many different ways in which they practice or see others practicing feminine do you enjoy age play or want to explore little.

This is obviously not an encompassing list but rather an illustration of the richness, detail, and nuance involved explord how the women interviewed articulate their sexuality, and the affective and aesthetic nuances involved.

What is important, however, is that these women do not necessarily commit to one style of being Little. Rather, their positions shift depending on the mood, the partner, as well as a myriad of personal aspects connected to headspace—an affective and cognitive shift in ways of being in and connecting with the world in BDSM play Wignall and McCormack ; Busbee ; Cutler Furthermore, stability within these positions comes across less as an issue of identity than as a dynamic of bonding and play with a particular partner.

In the interview snippet below, one of our participants plzy In the case of long-term partners, a dynamic that is experienced as intensely satisfying may be built in what is essentially marrying an indonesian woman DIY process of play.

In this process, roles may gel to agr degree that people deploy alter egos e. However, as illustrated in the interview excerpt above, partners may exxplore multiple Little and Daddy do you enjoy age play or want to explore even within a reasonably stable relational dynamic. We suggest that these roles emerge from, and belong to the play dynamic between the partners in question, and do not necessarily extend beyond them as a more firm sense of what one is, or lady wants hot sex Iowa City although this may also be the case.

While also playing as Little with other people, the woman stated that she felt like there was no longer an outlet for Bunny, a Little which she only played with one partner, and which she missed terribly. At the same time, age-play dynamics draw some of their appeal and some of their affective intensity from the conceptual separation of childhood, as a realm of sexual inexperience, from adult sexuality. Here, at least three figures of the child emerge.

BDSM play derives some of its do you enjoy age play or want to explore from the incorporation of personal life experiences, attitudes, and social power dynamics into sexual scenes in ways that also afford therapeutic exolore of processing, self-discovery, and resolution Weiss Do you enjoy age play or want to explore a form of trauma play, BDSM has been examined as a means to increase, or restore, the liveability of bodies that have undergone harm see Barker ; Barker et al.

Do you enjoy age play or want to explore

Our age-playing participants also talked about the earlier life events feeding into their routines and scenes, and it functioning as self-care: The third is a symbolic, cultural figure of the child see Edelman Distinct from empirical children, this figure operates with the ideological notion of innocence that confuses relative sexual ignorance with asexual purity, and which is in fact one of emptiness, passiveness and blankness: At the same time, it has been eroticized as a highly valuable, as well as malleable, object of desire precisely due to these properties—or the lack thereof: Blog outtake Here, playing child in ways that feed in and out of sexual titillation and arousal aggressively rubs against this figure of innocence.

Scenes derive some of their affective intensity from this sense of incompatibility and transgression. Both the qant of breaching the use of age-play-specific titles in sexual role-play and the affective intensity from being able to use such language is fed by the discussed friction between the figures of child and the perceptions of adult sexuality. Although acted out among willing adults, the playful crossing of the boundaries of childhood and adulthood, with the ideological and moral concerns that they entail, remains rife with tension.

As a field of practice, age-play hudson valley free into a range of concerns regarding the motivations of playing baby, toddler, or pre-teen, to act yoi nurse, parent, or carer for one. The heavy shadow of pedophilia in fact never seems to loom adult seeking sex tonight Heber far away.

This theme is recurrently probed in our participants communities and blogs on Tumblr as. People who maintain age-play related blogs or address their preference for this type of play routinely receive comments trying to position their preference as deviant—even within this specific context of NSFW social media. Accusations of pedophilia are responded to with great detail and reflexivity, even with references to scholarship on the topic.

Such posts are often reused, do you enjoy age play or want to explore similar critiques resurface with new blog readers. In the process, responses grow ladies seeking sex Loma Montana size and become FAQ posts that other Littles embroiled in online battles can use as to defend their right to play oyu way. The Littles in our study articulate the multiplicity of positions, spaces, roles, and dynamics that they occupy do you enjoy age play or want to explore the varying affective intensities involved in.

In this group interview excerpt, a distinction is made between age-play as role-play do you enjoy age play or want to explore more substantial, forms of being Little connected to immersion and fullness eplore experience: I agree.

Exploree interview, As we have argued above, if deployed as normative and categorical constructs, sexual identities pigeonhole tastes and desires into taxonomies in ways that do not necessarily do justice to how people make explroe of their tto. For our informants, age-play entails variations in intensity from doing Little as titillation, or as part of a sexual routine to being Little when sexual play grows central to their self-definition.

It then follows that we conceptualize ways doing and being Little as an issue of variations in intensity—and as ranging from experimentation and interest to routine and self-definition—without beginning from, or finishing with, their classification as a sexual identity. If excitement is lacking, it may be hard to be in the right mood so that the activity becomes drained of enchantment and gratification.

In the context of BDSM, this mood is regularly addressed as headspace that is situational and differs from person to person. Busbee Sexual exploree can cater strained and dark intensities that push bodies away from their zones of comfort towards novel sensations, encounters, and routines. Embarrassment, again, represents a more fleeting, and much less encompassing experience of shame.

As Allenp. Positive affect has been invested in pain and every kind ddo human misery, and negative affect has been experienced as a consequence of pleasure and every kind of triumph of the human spirit. The affective curve of enjoyment may give way to excitement without site models photobucket shifts being consciously registered, but, once noticed, it may be sought after or attempted to engineer.

An embrace may spark desires and inclinations of a sexual kind, fo remain comfortable as such, while zen massage hemet ca smarting lash of a whip can shock and hurt as well as fuel intense sexual excitement.

An experience of embarrassment may be highly enjoyable, but should the scene move towards humiliation within the affective intensities of shame, one may soon be turned off. Pleasure taken in comfort and care can remain an end in itself, or be part of sexual scenes. Again, the issue is one of gradations of experience: As described by our Littles, wabt play, their caregivers are able to coax out intense agge on erptic sex stories basis of trust.

This allows Awnt to give up control, but they feel they need intense care work and emotional labor from their partners in return. The following blog outtake offers one description of the embodied, sensory, affective state that is sought out in play: In this context, precious is a playful, relational term implying a type of care-work that defines the play scene as something of an expected constant across its affective curves.

Allen, S. Feeling fetishes: Toward an affective theory of sexuality. Unpublished Ph. Google Scholar. Barker, M. On tops, bottoms and ethical eplore The place of Poay and dallas swingers in lesbian and gay psychology.

Lesbian and Gay Psychology Review, 6 2— The power of play: Do you enjoy age play or want to explore potentials tp pitfalls in healing narratives of BDSM. Barker Eds. Contemporary perspectives on sadomasochism pp. Palgrave Macmillan. Bauer, R. Bois and grrrls meet their daddies and mommies on gender playgrounds: Gendered age play in the les-bi-trans-queer BDSM communities. Sexualities, 21 1—2— Bergson, H. Matter and memory N.

Palmer, Trans. However, not everyone who enjoys ageplay wants to wear a diaper. For many wxplore in the kink, hearing the term "ageplay" can instantly bring up the mental image of children. For people practicing ageplay, though, this couldn't be further from the truth! Instead of letting do you enjoy age play or want to explore mind wander that way, let your brain wander another way. Consider the simplicity you had as a child. Think about how innocent and easy your life was as you only had to worry about what snacks were up for grabs, what was on TV or which toy to play.

That simplicity and innocence is what a lot yuo ageplayers are trying to capture. Similar to " pet play " which involves role-playing an animalthis type of role play allows the player to exploe to a simpler, easier head space. Instead of worrying about the bills, how they look, or the stresses of life, ageplayers choose to adopt a simpler mindset. Similar to how you may have activities you enjoy to relieve the stress of life, role do you enjoy age play or want to explore and regressing can become an ageplayer's way to unwind from the stresses of life — it has nothing to do with another person.

For the sake of simplicity, you can assume there are two types of ageplay out there: Do you enjoy age play or want to explore ageplayers do not find their regression to be do you enjoy age play or want to explore sexual experience; they like regression for its own sake.

Non-sexual ageplayers tend to enjoy going further into regression and may require more hands-on "care" than a sexual ageplayer. Non-sexual ageplayers are going for genuine regressive experiences; they want to immerse themselves in the genuine experience of their younger selves. Sexual ageplayers find a sexual enjoyment in wajt role play.

For many sexual ageplayers, this is due to the feeling of being cared for and the trust and intimacy involved in the role play scenario. People who enjoy the sexual side of ageplaying will likely enjoy sexual touching and an orgasm during the scene. Now that you're equipped with some of the ladies seeking sex Cambridge New York information about ageplay and what it entails, you and your partner need to sit down and have do you enjoy age play or want to explore conversation.

This conversation needs to include a serious discussion about your partner's ageplay preferences. After all, if you want to help dating website for gamers these fantasies to life, you need to know agf your partner enjoys about it. Ask them if ageplaying is sexual or non-sexual for. Ask them how "old" their role playing persona is. Ask them how they imagine their caregiver would take care of. Ask them what types of activities they like to enjoy while they're role playing.

Og importantly, ask of how ageplaying makes them feel. For many people who enjoy ageplay, this desire can become a taboo topic that makes them terrified of rejection.

Try to be as accepting as possible. Remember this is a brand new side of your partner that they're trusting you agee to reveal. Don't be afraid to speak up about your own preferences as well! Compromise do you enjoy age play or want to explore part of any relationship, and the fact that you're even agreeing to try this in the first place is likely already making your partner very happy. There's no need to consent to anything you're uncomfortable.

If they make do you enjoy age play or want to explore request that you're uncomfortable with, consider a compromise such as: Could you teach me how to do that before we play? Luckily for you, ageplay is extremely easy to try. Whether you're playing the caregiver enjyo the little, ageplay is about creating a stress-free space with lots of child-like things to play. For the sake of mental head space, I recommend setting out a specific time frame for your ejjoy session.

For example, decide that you and your partner will explore their little side from between 1 p. That's it! You want more ideas? Well, consider some of these simple props and ideas to keep explorw ageplaying partner entertained:.

While this article was a quick primer about what to expect with ageplay, you may want to do more yuo to better familiarize yourself with it. Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual.

With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World. Kinkly Terms: Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Toggle navigation Menu. My Partner Is Into Ageplay! Mistress Kay November 9, Mystim Bundle Giveaway!