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She might also hear the same phrase if she happens to reject a South Asian man romantically, even if race has not played a part in her decision. And, why are black people used by Asian men who are unable to grapple with rejection or criticism thrown their black girls and asian guys To them, the woman is airing her dirty laundry internal community discussion is expected to stay internal.

I find that behaviour disgusting.

Akhter, a male student, told Metro. Stop being so insecure and reflect on the issues that you need to fix.

But, it becomes even more problematic when men use that criticism to legitimise their anti-blackness. Collating the two shows that some Asian men think supporting black people must be due to an ulterior motive, and that black people are not worthy of being supported or loved in their own right.

One of the other instances in which an Asian woman may hear the comment is if she rejects an Asian man, usually online. Partly because, for some of these men, to be with a black person transcends all expectations and black girls and asian guys of romantic etiquette.

Men who feel guya by female criticism might want to check their privilege and understand where she is coming. Women who have an aversion to Asian men might also black girls and asian guys to check whether internalised racism has played a role.

Thankfully the phrase is not plaguing the whole community, but rather a misguided, misogynistic bunch who have yet to realise the error of their ways.

What is a hoejabi and why is the term problematic? British Asians still have a complicated relationship with sex.

Immigrant parents were eco-friendly before it was cool. Follow Metro. South Asian girl: The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro.

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