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Swine Flu epidemic has caused a lot of concern over the possible repercussions since there is no viable vaccine that will remedy the illness. Swine Flu is actually, according to the CDC, a combination (or recombination) of pig, avian (bird) and either sheep or cow viruses. Somehow all of these separate viruses combined themselves together and jumped species to humans. Sound familiarWhen the AIDS virus first began making news about 1981, we were told by the CDC that 3 Africans had sex with a green monkey and these normal homebodies then began traveling world-wide and spread AIDS to the rest of the world. Now we are being asked to believe something equally absurd has happened with three separate viruses to cause this new swine flu epidemic. As of April 24, 2009 these are the current statistics: 149 dead in Mexico, 1,614 infected 40 infected in the United States 6 infected in Canada 10 infected in New Zealand 20 suspected infected in Spain 14 suspected in Britai";
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