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rts watching the Swine Flu tell us that once the flu is detected in an area, the entire community can be QUARANTINED for 6 to 12 weeks, the normal time for the Swine Flu to run its course, IF no further outbreaks are detected.The Swine 90 DAY FOOD SUPPLY unit is compact enough to fit under most large beds, or stow in a large closet. Its ideal for homes, apartments, businesses, emergency operation centers, etc.Swine Flu Emergency Food SuppliesBeing prepared for all types of emergencies should be a priority for everyone in the U.S. With more threats than ever before, we know that any number of events can be right around the corner. But lately its completely understandable that many of us probably have our mind on economic worries at the very least. But knowing what we do know about the swine Flu break out, it might be a good time for us to consider investing in our own safety just in case.As of now there are over 1,000 deaths in the country of Mexico. Granted we are n";
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