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urself, if you have Swine Flu, you can have the best doctors in the world taking care of you, but the name of the game is Flu Prevention, and the question is how do you resist getting the Swine Flu or any other flu for that matter You need to get the germ into your body in order to contract the Swine Flu, and that means it has to get into an opening. Even if you get the germ on your skin, it doesnt guarantee you will contract Swine Flu because it must enter via the mouth, nose, or eyes. Those are the pathways into the body. If you have or are having a surgical procedure done, such as a hospital patient, than the surgical site itself is also a pathway for germs to enter the body. I am going to give you a few basic ideas about how to prevent the Swine Flu, and for that matter, colds and viruses in general. Wash those hands, and keep washing them. Every time, you shake hands with someone, you are shaking hands with everyone else they have shaken hands with, since t";
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