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ical authorities expressed strong concern as seven known cases of the flu, which has been identified as a potential source of a human flu pandemic, have been reported in the southern US.Mexican authorities warned people to avoid crowds or using the subway as it launched a massive vaccination campaign in the countrys populous capital.The World Health Organisation in Geneva, which activated its global epidemic operations centre, said 57 people had died from suspected swine flu in Mexico. Mexican Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said at least 16 people had died of the swine flu in central Mexico, while officials were investigating 45 deaths and 943 possible infections. Its a virus which mutated from pigs and transmitted to some humans, Dr Cordova said on television.WHO spokesman Thomas Abraham said: We are very, very concerned. We have what appears to be a novel virus and it has spread from human to human. If an international spread was confirmed, that met the WHOs criteria ";
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